Top 10 Best Android Smartphones Under 20000 Rs

Finding the Best Android Smartphone Under 20,000 becomes a real daunting task when you have to choose from a pool of many android smartphones. But we are here to help you choose the best mobile under 20000 for you needs.

Few Points to keep in mind while searching for best android mobile under Rs 20,000

  • Since your budget for smartphone is Rs 20,000 you can choose your phone from list of Android and Windows powered OS phones. As Apple iphones will be a tad bit above the budget of Rs. 20,000. Only older model iphones will be available under this price.
  • Now coming to Android and Windows smartphone. If you are into mobile gaming and such then Android Smartphones should be your first choice as Google Playstore offers the widest range of application and games. But if you want a smartphone to fulfill the basic daily tasks like phone calls, text messages, Whatsapp and not much gaming then Windows phone is for you.
  • Other important factor while choosing the best smartphone under 15,000 is screen size. Smartphones with small screen size are easy to handle compared to large screen phones but the extra display size and app experience offered by large screen phones replaces the desire for a small screen phone. Ultimately it’s your choice.

Top 10 Best Android Smartphones Under 20000 Rs

  1. Xiaomi Mi 5
  2. OnePlus 2
  3. YU Yutopia
  4. LG Google Nexus 5X
  5. Samsung Galaxy A8
  6. Lenovo Vibe Shot
  7. Huawei Honor 7
  8. Sony Xperia M5
  9. LG G3
  10. HTC One M8
Top 10 Best Android Smartphones Under 20000 Rs

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