Tata Nano Electric or Jayem Neo

Tata Motors is planning to launch Tata Nano in an all new electric avatar. After not being able to impress the Indian customers with the Nano petrol version, the electric version is expected to be the game changer.

Though it won’t be named as Nano, it will possibly be named as Jayem Neo EV. 

The petrol version of Tata Nano is a no frills car which was the lowest priced full version car when compared to the other offerings in the market. It was powered by a 33 hp, 623cc engine.

About Jayem Automotives

Tata Motors has announced a joint venture with Jayem Automotives Pvt. Ltd. to develop this new electric version of nano. Jayem Automotive is an engineering company which has been with Tata Motors for a very long time and supplied parts for other vehicles.

Guenter Butschek, CEO and Managing Director, Tata Motors, said, “We are delighted to partner with Jayem, a brand known for its capabilities in concept creation and prototyping of special performance vehicles. This partnership is a step towards creating long-term relationships as a part of our transformation journey and to bring more exciting performance variants to our product range.”

As far as we know Jayem Automotives will probably assemble the Neo (Tata Nano Electric) in its own plant at Coimbatore after sourcing body cycle and other parts directly from Tata Motors. It is expected to use a 23 HP electric motor that will run on a 48V electric powertrain. These are the only details known as of now for this to be launched electric Tata Nano.

A Tata badge on the bonnet will likely be featured but we are not sure as they might as well as go with Jayem and Neo EV’s branding only. Visually the structural design will most probably remain the same whereas all the necessary changes from petrol version to electric version will be carried on.

Tata Nano Electric (Jayem Neo) Launch Date

There is no official word on when this electric vehicle will be launched but from the reports we can see that it will be soon since electric cars are gaining traction in India.

There are also reports of an initial launch with Ola cabs where the cab-aggregator will source around 400 units of these electric cars into its fleet. This aligns with the company’s goals of moving towards sustainable fuel sources for cabs such as electric cars.

As the developed markets are picking up with demand of electric cars while developing a charging infrastructure for the same, the launch of electric version of Tata Nano will be a gamechanger in India. It’s likely that Nano will shed the image of cheapest car instead more people will look forward towards buying it as a step to saving the environment by replacing petrol and diesel cars in India.

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Tata Nano Electric or Jayem Neo

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