Do you really need to cut out Sugar from your diet to be healthy?

I once knew a girl named Sucrose.

Sucrose was pretty and funny. Being around her, you felt like anything was possible. When she walked into a room, she filled it with a feeling of light and joy. Everybody felt that she was like them, but different, lighter; sweeter in a way.

She looked something like this.

But that was before.

That was when Sucrose was popular.

You see, while she used to be everybody’s favourite, these days things are quite different.

Nobody likes Sucrose anymore. People say that she is bad to be around and that she tricks you with her sweetness. People say she is built differently than the rest. But the thing is, she never understood why. Why were people treating her this way? Were they not all the same? She hadn’t changed. She was still the same girl, one part glucose and one part fructose.

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