Are you using these tips to increase the mileage of bike?


Mileage of your bike depends on riding and maintaining style but there are many other factors which can influence the mileage of your bike. Normally too much braking and wind resistance can also cause mileage loss. So few pointers which can help you to increase the mileage of your bike are below.


  1. Ride with not so much braking. That means you need to ride withing a speed where you don’t need to do sudden braking. 60 km/h is a good speed to drive.
  2. Riding within the speed also allows to minimize the drag resistance of wind and thus good mileage.
  3. Keep your vehicle maintained. Specially the oil and engine tuned up so there is no problem with the engine burning too much fuel.
  4. Try not to accelerate suddenly from stand still. That will make the engine guzzle more fuel to give more power on the tap.
  5. If you need to stand at a signal for more than 30 secs, stop the engine. Ofcourse if you have electric start in your scooter ( which mostly is standard ) it would be easy to start back when the signal turns green.
  6. Most of them ‘Economy’ range on the speedometer, marked in green color. Try to keep your speeds in that range from 35–55 kmph. You’ll churn out maximum mileage.
  7. Keep Air filter clean and slightly oiled.
Are you using these tips to increase the mileage of bike?

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